Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Why School Uniforms Are Silly

Why every school should not have uniforms
Some people think that school uniforms are good, other people think uniforms are silly. I am siding with the people that think uniforms are stupid. This document will tell you why uniforms are silly and mufti clothes should be used everyday at every school.

Uniforms Negative and Positive
First up I think that people would look like twins if school had uniforms and the teachers say “Be different in your own way” but with the same uniform, well its not easy being different in your own way.
Secondly if you had to go somewhere out of school in the middle of school time and your parent(s) come to pick you up, it might take a while for them too find you through the sea of matching uniforms.
Lastly I think uniforms make the school dull and not colorful because uniforms only have one color, not mufti colored.



Mufti Positive and negative
For start up I’d say that mufti makes the school more bright and colorful.
Secondly Parents won't have to wash the same school clothes when there children can where different types of clothes everyday.
Lastly it would be easier to find friends because sometimes from the back of the person it looks like your friend but he/she aren't (I had this experience).

People could wear inappropriate clothing.

So now you know why I think mufti should be worn everyday to school.Even though it has a downside it could be really fun.

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