Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Taniwha Art

This is an art piece I made from pencil, sharpy, pastel and dye. My creation is called the Tanihydra, 1 head breaths water, 1 breaths fire and the last head breaths flammable gas.
Hope you like it. :-)

Friday, 15 August 2014

Trailer Of The Legend Of Temata Peak

Tristan marcus Jenn legend from Stephen ford on Vimeo.
This is a Video trailer of our production "The Legend Of Temata Peak".
The actors in this trailer are Tristan, Jennifer, Sienna and me (Marcus).
We made this trailer to persuade people to come to our production Which is being held in week six and seven.
Hope it persuades you to come and watch. ;-)

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Why Red Pandas Red, Black And White


Many, many years ago there were racoons roaming the lands of America. Each with a different behavior from just sitting there eating to running around wildly.

There was a raccoon named Jacob and with his glittering grey fur and bushy tail he looked like he was in between hyper and lazy. In fact he was in the middle. Sometimes he climbs a tree and eats and sometimes he’s on the ground sprinting like Usain Bolt. One day he was eating some raspberries in a high tree and thought he could fly, so he stood up, spread out his arms and jumped.

At first he was gliding then he started falling. Down, down he went until his body landed in the black and white fur of a fat panda. At first the panda was surprised then started running around in circles yelling “THE SKY IS FALLING, THE SKY IS FALLING!!!!!!!” Suddenly the bright blue sky turned into a stormy grey. Jacob was hanging onto the panda frantically and acting like it was a rodeo. Until the magic came.

Kaden, god of paint and mutation(who looked like a black bear) was liking the scene and got out his red RPG and aimed, then fired. It wasn’t an accurate shot but it hit the pandas head, Kaden was disappointed but lit up with mischief. The god summoned his mutation gun which looked like a sniper. he locked the two animals and fired at the earth.

Suddenly the hazard of the red headed panda and racoon froze like a statue then glowed with gold and magically melted into a ball which floated up to Kaden who had got out a G-daddy. He caught the red colored ball and loaded it into his grenade launcher and blasted it out. There was an almighty BANG and there standing there curled up in a ball was a red panda.

From then on the red panda became a common species in the world.

(Moral: Don’t let mischief get you in trouble)

+ +  =

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