Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Room 20 Item Recount

Imagine standing up to a whole school with over 500 pairs of eyes staring at you. That's what it felt like when we had to do our item on the 6th of June. We had to get to school early to rehearse one more time and we had to sort out our outfits. I was the host. So that meant I had to start it off and end it. While we were rehearsing a fantail visited and wasn't able to leave, so that made me upset.

My heart was pounding against my chest like it wanted to jump out and my legs were shaking like jelly.Nervous of failing my first line in the item, I listened for the light flutter of wings and the sweet chirping of the fantail roaming the hall like it was looking for berries. Then I took a deep breath and then spoke into the microphone “Welcome to the science show, I am Marcus your host for this morning.” Then the Item began. 11 questions in total and 3 scientists for each question. I seemed to calm down a little but I felt sad that a poor fantail had to be imprisoned in a giant room filled with students and teachers with no way out. Then Zayne finished his line as a contestant. Suddenly I was saying “Well that's all we have time for. Thank you for watching the Room 20 Science show. Good bye.” then I started shaking Ben freezing hands like I was rubbing an ice cube against my hand. It was bone shaking scary showing yourself to a whole school as well as doing an item about earth and space.But its possible. I’m glad I made without a muck up except that one of the microphones made the mistake of not working. So yeah, I’m happy.

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