Monday, 30 June 2014

Haunted House

ghost house.jpg

creeeeeeeeek! I place my foot on the old, rotten oak steps to the stormy grey colored house. Why did we have to go on vacation in this old dump. The 2 trees out front were dead and the porch was covered in cobwebs. But that didn’t stop me from turning the pure gold door handle. Suddenly the door swung open and a gust of rose smelling air impaled my skin. My mouth swung open when I saw the inside. It was a hallway made out of dark brown wood but the side table shoved against the left side of the wall was completely gold! “Well this is a paradise” said my brother Stefan. “Well lets check this place out!”.

Once I found an armor stand with a full seat of steel armor with gold braids smelted in.It fitted me perfectly. Then I found a chest with three pens and an empty quiver. I clicked all the pens and one turned into an axe, one turned into a sword and the last one transformed into a bow. I salvaged those including the quiver because it filled up automatically when I clicked the bow/pen. Then I checked out the bedroom I was gonna sleep in. The cover had a picture of a trident.The symbol of Poseidon, god of the sea. Then there was an actual trident on the left side of the room, with a sleeping black horse with wings. A pegasus. This place is exactly my style. Suddenly the picture on the bed started changing into words until it said something.
The believer of greek will find the answer
to theft or death the wall will fall
the passage of light will one with stand.
It was a prophecy. After all this stuff I get a profecie?
This place is haunted then. But how? Guess I’ll find out soon but first I need to think. The believer of greek should be me because I only believe about Hades and Zeus and all but theft or death? I’ve already stolen some stuff but I did not want to die. Then the passage of light, that should be Apollo or Hera. I’ll search tomorrow, right now it's time to get some rest.

The next morning I got dressed in a shirt with a dolphin on the back and black camo pants. As well as the armor I found including the fur boots. Then I slung my quiver over my shoulder and sheathed my trident on the other side of my back as well as the pens. Then out of the corner of my eye I found a shield. I took that too. “Now I’m ready to search” I thought.

I searched everywhere and found nothing. Until the basement. Besides the house the basement glowed with gold. Suddenly a red diamond came out of the floor in a case on a pillar. Slowly I snuk towards the treasure. The label under it said ‘ruby of Olympus.’ Olympus was the home of the gods. Then something dawned on me. The gods have been so quit because there ruby was stolen. Must of been Hermes, wait, why would he steal the gem to lock himself up? Guess it might of been someone else. Someone who hates the gods. “finally you figured it out” said a voice. But it wasn’t a humans voice. It was like a three headed snake talking at once. I spun around and I found myself looking at a three headed ogre. A hydra.
I think about to get company...

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