Monday, 12 May 2014

ANZAC Art And Question Presentation

This is a slide show of questions about ANZAC day
And this is a sellhoute of an ANZAC war plane.

Hope you like both of them. :-)

Rock Climbing Reflection

I was about 9 meters up on a climbing wall at flax rock.

My arms are shaking from climbing like I was in the arctic. I was searching around for another rock to  grapple hook onto but the only one was above me. I tried to grab it but it was useless. Then I looked down to see if I could place my foot on anything and my luck was appreciated. There was a murky green stone but then I accidentally looked further down. Everyone looked like the size of an apple! My legs started to wobble like an earthquake. Suddenly everything looked fuzzy. I was coming unconscious! I tried seeing and moving until I started leaning backwards. With one hand on the rope and the other hand glued to the rock it was holding onto. Then I started to feel dizzy like I was drunk. Until my hand let go of the rock and I started falling. Everything looked peaceful. I Imagined a grave having my name on it. But my fall was slow like I was In slow motion. Then I stopped. There was noise. Kids trying to do some rock climbing. I wasn't dead. I was alive and being unharnessed. I tried not to show my fear and I succeeded. I sat down on the bench and tried to regain my sight. It was hard, but I lived. Then I started doing the rock climbing when you don’t wear a harness and stop at a green tape.

Whale Art

We had found out that camp was cancelled so we thought we could do some art. My picture is a whale in the sea and the tools we used was chalk and pastel. Hope you like it. :-)

Moose Mayhem

At school we looked at some limeric poetry so we thought we could do some poetry on sock puppets. Hope you like it. :-)

Friday, 9 May 2014

Fear Factor

I flung off the tissue that was shading the food in the sea blue colored bowl and I find myself looking at a part of raw tuna. My stomach yelled out NO but at the back of my head thought I had to eat it. So I clawed the slippery thing and my tongue and the fish collided.

Now if you tasted a mushroom pizza with blue cheese, the fish would've tasted 10 X worse.

My teeth started smashing and the tuna started grinding to mush. Then I closed my eyes tight to prepare for the worse and the food went down the throught. I thought I was gonna hurl it back up but I opened my mouth and showed that there was nothing left. When I looked around and I saw an empty seat beside me so I guessed I came second.YUK!

A couple of days later I had my hands behind my back like a prisoner and a bowl of jelly in front of me.GO!!! I smashed my face into the jelly like a lunatic but then used my tongue like a digger and scooped the dessert into my maw. It was like 1000 X better than the fish. I heard a few cheers and in a matter of seconds my bowl was clean and I came first. YAY!

(LIKE A BOSS!!!!!!) :-)

This is what I used to make this:
*Beginning grabs the readers attention by starting at an most exciting bit
* Creating suspense by keeping the reader thinking till the end
* Used exciting word choices verbs (doing words) Specific nouns (name words)
* Used I statements
* No repeated words or sentence starters
* Paragraphs to make it easier to read.

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