Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Ugly Fish

The ugly creature
Is this a man eater, a fish eater, a plant eater or does it eat plankton? Is there more than one, can it swim fast and could it be a big threat? Does anyone know?

This thing has 2 massive and fierce rotten fangs as sharp as a blade. The rest were ugly horse teeth. It has dark, deep, brown eyes the color of wet mud and has soaked flesh the color of a brown bear. All bony and tough looking that I wouldn't want to be in a boxing ring with it. The sharp straight fins tells that its a fish. Could it be the threat of the sea?

It stared at me on the wet slippery rock like an eagle watching its prey. Then it slithered away back into the sea its eyes still locked on me. I’m glad it took its reak of dead fish with it because I couldn't hold on much longer.

What will this creature do next? Where will it go?
This mysterious creature will stay unknown, for now…


  1. Like how you hook the reader in with your questions at the beginning and then give the reader more questions at the conclusion. Way to go, Marcus. Your writing is entertaining and well-structured.

  2. You added lots of details.
    By Joseph.


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