Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Mystery Person


I am a student at Parkvale school in room 20 and reading is my favorite subject.

I have scruffy brown hair like a fluffy brown bear and brown eyes like wet mud. I have nearly invisible eyebrows and a couple of freckles on my tanned skin. Also I’m kind of tall and I have a big appetite like a goat(but I’m not fat).

My age is 10 and my birthday is on December the thirteenth. I am a person that likes animals and greek gods.I like a lot of food especially home made burgers and pizza. My attitude is always different like in the morning i’m tired, between morning and lunch I’m normal, at swimming I’m annoyed and eating is bored. My favorite subject at school is reading(Again!)and my favorite car is the bugatti.

Who am I?

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