Monday, 31 March 2014

Rimu Chant

listen to ‘rimu chant’ on Audioboo

This is a chant for our hub Nga Rakau Nui Rimu that Tristan, Ben, Ollie and I made and recorded on Audioboo. Hope you like It. :-)

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Mystery Person


I am a student at Parkvale school in room 20 and reading is my favorite subject.

I have scruffy brown hair like a fluffy brown bear and brown eyes like wet mud. I have nearly invisible eyebrows and a couple of freckles on my tanned skin. Also I’m kind of tall and I have a big appetite like a goat(but I’m not fat).

My age is 10 and my birthday is on December the thirteenth. I am a person that likes animals and greek gods.I like a lot of food especially home made burgers and pizza. My attitude is always different like in the morning i’m tired, between morning and lunch I’m normal, at swimming I’m annoyed and eating is bored. My favorite subject at school is reading(Again!)and my favorite car is the bugatti.

Who am I?

Human Emotions

Human Emotions

Happy is like:
Getting a cute husky and a huge bag of lollies.

Angry is like;
A burglar stealing your Xbox 360.

Sad is like:
Getting an f- on your latest maths test.

Bored is like:
Watching rain drip on the window like someone crying hour after hour.

Proud is like:

getting a gold medal in the Wheat Bix triathlon.

New Zealand Eel Report

The Misunderstood eel

You might think that an eel is slimy, slippery and ugly, but this creature is more that meets the eye. Eels can be amazing creatures if you didn’t just kill it. Read this to find out why its so brilliant.

The eel is a snake like fish, there are two types of eels in New Zealand, the long tail and the short tail. Both are native to New Zealand.The long-finned eel can grow up to 2m long and can weigh 50kg. Thats heavier than most year 6 children. The short finned is smaller and lighter. Both eels are dark green to brown and they also have a silver underbelly.  Their fins are near the head so it looks like ears and they have teeth as sharp as a butcher knife but not as big. Perfect for ripping flesh.
Both eels live in freshwater and holes in creeks and rivers. Eels also go on amazing journeys from New Zealand to way out in the ocean by Tonga for the summer.
The threat of the NZ eels are fishers, loss of habitat, pollution, hunters and orcas.
L'orca inoltre รจ l'unico predatore in grado di uccidere uno squalo bianco.
-Muscovy duckling.jpgGray short-tailed opossum
Eels eat small fish, fish eggs, ducklings, mice, and any carrion that falls in the water.
Life cycle
It starts from the eggs, then it goes too a larva, then glass eel, next is elver and then the adult until they lay the eggs.

So now you see why eels are amazing creatures. Next time you see an eel, take a moment to appreciate this unique fish in its natural environment.

Credit to Ollie, check out his blog

Friday, 21 March 2014

Its Not Easy Being A Wolf

its not easy being a wolf by Marcus Krekeler on GoAnimate

Its not easy being a wolf
Its not easy being a wolf.
Searching for food, chasing rabbits
and drinking cold water from holes in the ice .

It’s hard finding shelter,
keeping warm from the snow and
living with wounds from stepping in traps.
Don’t other animals know
that I have to survive threats
as well?

Also I have too keep away
from human snares and their sight
when the have guns. But I also have to go find help when needed and I get blamed for everything.

Its not easy being a wolf.

When I feel lonely I just wish that some
other animals were my friends instead of being scared of me.Also when I’m hungry, I wish other wolves would come to me with food too have a feast and I wish humans would leave us alone.

life is hard for a wolf.
but luckily some humans don’t kill us,
some humans actually feed us, tame us and keep us warm.

life is a big adventure for a wolf.

Friday, 14 March 2014


This is a presentation on what happens with the internet.
Hope you like it. :-)

Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Ugly Fish

The ugly creature
Is this a man eater, a fish eater, a plant eater or does it eat plankton? Is there more than one, can it swim fast and could it be a big threat? Does anyone know?

This thing has 2 massive and fierce rotten fangs as sharp as a blade. The rest were ugly horse teeth. It has dark, deep, brown eyes the color of wet mud and has soaked flesh the color of a brown bear. All bony and tough looking that I wouldn't want to be in a boxing ring with it. The sharp straight fins tells that its a fish. Could it be the threat of the sea?

It stared at me on the wet slippery rock like an eagle watching its prey. Then it slithered away back into the sea its eyes still locked on me. I’m glad it took its reak of dead fish with it because I couldn't hold on much longer.

What will this creature do next? Where will it go?
This mysterious creature will stay unknown, for now…

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