Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Protect your Ears Poster

This is my protect your ears poster but I actually give credit to my learning Buddie Quinn because he made most of the decisions.We made this because one day at Parkvale school room 20 went to room 21 to talk to an ear specialist. After that Mr Ford told us to make a poster on why we should protect our ears. We hope you like it. :-)


  1. thanks Marcus i am going to protect my ears when i going to use a shot gun

  2. I'll definatly do that if I go hunting! Funny head line too!

  3. wow you really put a lot of work in to this i see

  4. wow you really put a lot of work in it

  5. Great work Marcus.
    I like you gave some credit to quin for doing it,
    I also like how you put in "don't use a chainsaw without ear muffs.
    Keep up the awesome work! :)


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