Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Reflection For 2013

Reflection for 2013
Something I was happy with was that we did lots of art and writing because those two are my favorite subjects

I really enjoyed learning new sites and different thing with the computer.

Something I found hard was not getting frustrated in maths because I do get frustrated in maths.
Something that made me think was what is going to happen because I want to be just like Stefan because he became a house leader and young leader.
Something I want to get better at next year is not getting frustrated.

Something I liked this year was Camp Kaitawa because it included the whole class and it made me do some more out door stuff at home.
This is my collage that I created, these photos remind me of my creativity, the teachers that i had this year, my friends and the time I spend 3 days with my class at camp Kaitawa.:-)
And this will remind me of my best teacher and his new baby, Mr Moriarty and Leo. :-)


  1. Great work Marcus!
    I like the all the avatar stuff you added for your collage,
    I also like how you added a reflection.
    Keep up the great posts! ;)

  2. Well done Marcus!
    I like that you made Mr Moriarty and Leo.
    Keep it up Marcus!


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