Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Balloon Rocket

Launch a balloon rocket
Can you make a balloon fly off only side ways with only string, 2 chairs and a straw?
I think it will break the tape with the power and fly off.

Balloon, tape, straw, string, 2 chairs

  1. Tie one part of the string to one of the chairs.
  2. slide the straw down the string and then tie the string to the other chair.
  3. blow up the balloon but don’t tie the end, just simply pinch the end then tape it the balloon to the bottom of the straw.
  4. Let go of the end of the balloon and watch the balloon take off

When Zach and I let go of the end of the balloon, it span around and around and it didn't go far because it was taped to one side.


I think it happened because one of the sides weren't taped so that side of the balloon was free so the balloon was going crazy.

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