Friday, 15 November 2013

Athletics Recount And Reflection

(Just to tell you, I didn't know it was athletics day)
1st favorite
My favorite part of athletics was the high jump because you get to land on something soft and it shows how high you can jump. The score I got was 1 because I made the bar fall of the stands When it was 110 cm off the ground.
2nd favorite
My second favorite thing was the 50 meter hurdles because it was all about speed and jumping and my score was 2 because I came second and the person who came first was Heith because he was just in front of me because he was leaning forward.

didn’t like.
I didn't like the 800 meter run because it was a long run and it started getting hard to breathe but after all that work I came out to making me 19th and that's a great place to be because some of the runners were pretty fast.

Reflection for Athletics
Something I was pleased with was that I didn't back down to any of the events because all the events were really fun.
I really enjoyed learning how to do a different way of getting over things because every technique have different outcomes.

Something I found hard was staying 19th in the 800 meter run because I was versing pretty fast runners.
Something that made me think was why didn't Heith trip over in the 50 meter run because he was leaning pretty far out.
Something I want to get better at is running faster.
What can I do about it?

Go up a level on the treadmill.

athletics reflection by Marcus Krekeler on GoAnimate

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