Friday, 18 October 2013

Laser Force In the Third Holiday In 2013

It is the third school holiday of 2013 in Napier and I was just treated badly by an old man so after lunch, dad tries to cheer me up by letting me, Stefan, Luke, William and our friend’s Andre and Charlie go to LASER FORCE!
I get in the suit that was named Scorpion and then I was selected as red team. Aundre and Stefan have to go last because they brang their membership cards.We enter the battle area and I instantly go to the cave near the right ramp to the sniper area. The battle started and then another red player came in with me and both of us shooted everyone who walked past.
I was told I got rapid fire and coming second on the leader board heaps of times but then both of us decided to go out of the cave. After a while I went back to the cave and I found a girl that was a red player but then, her suit changed to green then she shot me and ran out. When the game was over I checked the leader board and I was there, Scorpion in Third place but I wasn't dissapointed because at least I had fun.

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