Friday, 18 October 2013

How Is Rain Created

How is rain created

Water is a symbol of life because if there weren't any water, there wouldn't be any trees and if there weren't any trees, there wouldn't be any life! But its not just the water on the ground, it’s water in the sky! Rain also feeds the plants and then the plants produce food and the rain gross grass to feed animals. But how is rain created? Read this explanation to find out.
Did you know that 70% of the earth is water and that water is the Ocean.The sun shines onto the ocean and then the water evaporates into steam and the steam rises into the sky . On its way up it collects more steam and as it gets higher the steam gets colder which is called condensation and then it spreads into a cloud.

Steam has little water spectacles so when it gets higher, the water spectacles get bigger and when it collects more steam, it produce more water. When the water gets too heavy, the water breaks into water droplets and falls out of the cloud creating rain but if there is any frozen water from the atmosphere, it would just fall and as it falls it would melt and then the proper rain will come. The rain falls into the sea, creeks, rivers, lakes and oceans but if they land on a hill, they usually find their way back to the sea.

This water cycle doesn't have an end and this explanation is how I (Marcus Krekeler) think how rain is created.

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