Thursday, 19 September 2013

Battle Of Death Part 5, Later's Slender Man

“Now Slender man is a bit harder than Smiley, so we need a new bomb which is going to be a acid bomb and we need to you’s our guns and I am going to yous my lava and laser gun”said Agent Marcus in there Millennium Falcon.”why don’t you let me blow him up and you you’s your guns”replied laser boy from above and everybody agreed to do that plan.

Attack time

When they found Slender man in the jungle, laser boy through the bomb but slender man destroyed it with his knife and then shot a dark bomb at Agent Marcus but that got destroyed by Crifolf in disguise and then he instantly killed the army but slender man and they had a big fight until Criwolf side-stepped and stabbed Slender man.


  1. Wow your store was awesome I like the start.
    keep it up Marcus!!!

  2. Awesome work Marcus.
    Good start.
    Keep it up!

  3. Great story Marcus, the end is awesome. I can't wait for part 6. Keep it up.

  4. Cool story Marcus
    I like how you put the story in action
    keep it up !!!


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