Friday, 27 September 2013

My Collage A nd Art

This is my collage and art that I created and my art got to be the calender and my collage got o be a poster, do you agree?
Please leave a comment. :-)

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Battle Of Death Part 5, Later's Slender Man

“Now Slender man is a bit harder than Smiley, so we need a new bomb which is going to be a acid bomb and we need to you’s our guns and I am going to yous my lava and laser gun”said Agent Marcus in there Millennium Falcon.”why don’t you let me blow him up and you you’s your guns”replied laser boy from above and everybody agreed to do that plan.

Attack time

When they found Slender man in the jungle, laser boy through the bomb but slender man destroyed it with his knife and then shot a dark bomb at Agent Marcus but that got destroyed by Crifolf in disguise and then he instantly killed the army but slender man and they had a big fight until Criwolf side-stepped and stabbed Slender man.

Yachting And Kayaking Day 3

yachting and kayaking day 3 by Marcus Krekeler on GoAnimate

Reflection for yachting and kayaking day 3
Something I was pleased with was that I accomplished my goal from last time because when we turned I was okay with it.
I really enjoyed learning that if the sun is bright you’ll find a hidden island because when I was kayaking I could see in the water the ground.

Something I found hard was controlling the main sheet because the main sheet didn’t move when I tugged it.
Something that made me think was why Liam, Crighton and Sam be mean to me because Liam and Crighton pushed me into the boat and Sam bumped me into these cords in kayaking

Something I want to get better at is not get bullied in kayaking.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Marcus's division Problems

Show your working. Draw a picture / diagram to represent each problem.

1. Emma earned $84. She got paid $4 per hour. How many hours did she work?

20 x 4=80
1 x 4=4


2. Liam wants to buy some new hats. They are on special for $9 each. He has $117. How many hats can he buy?


3. Tracey has 245 toy motorbikes. She wants to put them into groups of 5. How many groups will she have?

40 x 5=200
9 x 5=45
49 x 5=245

4.Tyrone has saved $4 a week. he has now save $168. how many weeks has he been saving for?

25 x 4=100
15 x 4=60
2 x 4=8

42 x 4=168

Yachting And Kayaking Reflection Day 2

yachting and kayaking reflection day 2 by Marcus Krekeler on GoAnimate

Reflection for Yachting and Kayaking day 2
Something I was pleased with was that Mr Ford saved me and Inderpreet from capsizing because of the wind we were tilting dangerously
I really enjoyed learning that if you put your hand in the water, you’ll get a rash because when I put my hand in the water, my thumb got a rash.

Something I found hard was staying in the lead in the race because somehow, Georgia was boosting in front and then I got back in the lead.

Something that made me think was why didn't we cancel yachting because it was raining hard out and the wind was so powerful.

Something I want to get better at is not get scared when we turn.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Yachting Reflection Day 1

reflection of yachting and kayaking day 1 by Marcus Krekeler on GoAnimate

Something I was pleased with was that my Dad had a sandwich that I was allowed to eat because I left my bag that had my lunch at school. I really enjoyed learning was that a double kayak is harder than a single kayak because all the single boats were beating me and Flynn in the race. Something I found hard was controlling the boat from the tiller because I drove us into shore. Something that made me think was why does the kayak move left or right when me and Flynn were going straight because we were heading straight for the stands of the bridge. Something I want to get better at is controlling the tiller on the yacht.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Variety Show Poster

This is my poster about coming to the variety show.
Hope its convincing and hope you like it. :-)

Things You Need To Know About Yachting

  • Bow - front
  • Stern - back
  • Port - left side
  • Starboard - right side
  • Bailing - remove water from boat
  • Becalmed - motionless through water
  • Capsizing - flip over
  • Tiller - lever to move a rudder of a boat
  • Man Overboard - a person has fallen off the boat
  • Offshore Wind - handle your boat in the wind
  • Onshore wind - moving air
  • Rigging The Boat - trolling
  • Hull - main body of the boat
  • Tacking - Zig-Zagging
  • Gybing - CHANGE course by letting the sail gybe
  • Heeling Over - turn on an angle
  • Reaching - stretch of a river
  • In Irons - close hould
  • Luffing - sail towards the wind
  • Running With Wind - flowing with the wind
  • Broad Reach -  wind blows over a boat's quarter
  • Mayday - need help
  • Upwind - go against the wind

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Taj Mahal Art

This is my Taj Mahal art and I made this from drawing that's in Google drive.
I made it this colour because Mr M wanted me to make the sun reflect on it so I made like the sun was rising.
Hope you like it. :-) 

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Research About The Indian Roller

Indian Rollers aren't just a bird that flies, It can be an amazing attraction around India, so that's why I am here to tell you about this amazing Indian bird. And it doesn't roll around.
The Indian Roller is a little and amazing bird around India belonging to the amazing roller family. The Indian roller has feathers that are a beautiful light blue, an amazing dark blue, a brilliant purple, a lovely brown, a gorgeous black and a glories grey.
Indian Rollers live in full of nature thin forests and beautiful green grasslands.
The Indian roller is a bird that loves to eat delicious tenderly frogs and crunchy and full of flavor insects
The Indian Roller can grow and weigh up to an amazing 90 grams heavy and a super 26-27 cm long.
Life cycle
The brilliant male and glorious female have to look the same to be a beautiful couple.
when it has spotted its prey, its swoops down and attack whatever it’s yummy and crunchy prey is.

So I hoped you liked learning about the Indian Roller because they are amazing birds. So if you live in India and you see a roller, remember the facts that I told you.Thank you
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