Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Hyperloop Part 1

Key words: Hyperloop, supersonic, free

The Hyperloop
“For my birthday, I want to go to Auckland in the Hyperloop.” I say to my mom and dad and they said “well  why don’t you go on the computer and find things out about it as well as make some invitations,” and then I went on the computer and searched up Hyperloop as well as open paint.Then an article said that first group on the super sonic Hyperloop will get a prize each and its free! I tell mom and dad and they were amazed so I made a list of people that I’m inviting and started making the invitations.

on the list there's:
  • Crighton
  • Tyrone
  • Flynn
  • Samuel
  • Zeb
  • Teva
  • Josh
  • Dylan
  • Sam
my invitations look like this:

My Birthday
The first thing I do is open my presents from my mom and dad.WOW my mom gave me an IPad, SWEET dad gave me $20 dollars and my brother gave me $30 and then I go on my IPad and downloaded clash of clans, subway surfers, YouTube and Real Steel.Then my brother and my mom and dad got me a jet pack!

Thanks guys then... BANG BANG BANG!Theres someone at the door and its Dylan and Tyrone. 1 Minute later Liam and Ben came then Zeb and Teva and then Flynn and Samuel come.+ Sam, Crighton and Josh come.Good, everybody's here but then...

Mr Moriarty and Henry comes!:-O


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