Friday, 16 August 2013

Sword Poem

I am a sword.
I am able to kill.
I am happy when you sharpen me.
I am sad when I not get used.
I wish I could be diamond.

I would like to tell my owner:To enchant me so i’m not a normal iron sword.
sword poem by Marcus Krekeler on GoAnimate


  1. Wow Marcus!
    What a great poem you have created.
    It is awesome how you have made a video as well to go with it.
    It looks great.
    The background scene really suits you're go animate video.
    Well done:)

  2. Awesome Marcus.I like how you made a go animate video about it as well.Keep the work up Marcus!

  3. Good work there Marcus that is a fantastic job you've done.
    Your a star keep up the good blog. :)

  4. Awesome Marcus,
    That was such a great poem.
    I like the photo that you took too.
    I like how you put a Go Animate with it too.
    Keep up the good work.
    Well done.


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