Friday, 9 August 2013

Dragon Life

Wala sentences
  • simple sentences
  • compound sentences
  • complex sentences
A living dragon is learning how to breath fire and it has lit a candle.”What are you gonna call him?” said Mr M and Jeffrey replied “maybe Sparkie”. Then he gave the dragon some dragon food but then...Sparkie started getting bigger and bigger and bigger until it was the size of an adult dragon!
"Now I know what to call him, Flame," said Jeffrey and with Mr M, they jumped on Flame's back and flew off like being on a plane with no shield around the body.The first thing they did was lit a bonfire, second thing was to cut a tree down with flames sharp tale and the third thing they did was  save 100 people from a plane crash.

The next day they got some builders that was in the plane crash to build a house for Flame for a kindness of saving their lives and it was built like a mansion. It had everything, a Samsung smart T.V., 8 king size beds (because Flame was so big), a huge bowl of all types of meat and  electric roof that can open and close. Plus the hot tub, the massage chair and the dragon BMX track outside.


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