Saturday, 31 August 2013

The Hyperloop Part 2

Key words: presents, Real Steel, clash of clans

opening the visitors presents
The first thing I do is spin the bottle to see who goes first that I open their present that they gave me and first is...DYLAN and he gave me a hail fire gun from Nerf!Next was Tyrone who gave me another Nerf gun but a sniper, Zeb got me a Star Wars antice lightsaber that lights up, Teva got me a Jedi robe, Crighton got me an All Black rugby ball, Flynn gave me a spinner, Samuel gave me a stealth suit, Henry got me $20, Mr Moriarty gave me a USB stick that turns my computer screen into a T.V.screen, Josh got me a hover board and Sam got me a all black shirt. Its 3 minutes before we go to the Hyperloop but we want to go as early as possible so went to the Hyperloop now.

on the road
While we're going to the Hyperloop, we each had a turn on Real Steel(I brought the biggest pack which is all the robots, gallery and b.y.o.r.)and all of us won and then I play Clash of Clans while everyone watch and then we played subway surfers and this was all on the IPad.

at the hyperloop will be continued in part 3

Classes Score On Maths Days

%076928492     92928880

These are the score and Percentage charts and the one above this text is the days, Scores and percentages.
you can't see day 1 score and % because they are so low.
  • My highest score was on days 3, 5, 6 and 7 and I think I got my highest scores because I had been practicing my basic facts at home.
  • my lowest score was day 1 because I only did the questions and I thought I'd have time after all the questions were written down but I was wrong.

  • My range was: (23-0=)23
  • My range was(%): (92%-0%)92%
  • My mean was
Compare my score with My friend Zeb's score.
Day   Score   %
1        Sick    0%
2        Sick    0%
3        Sick    0%
4        15       60%
5        19       76%
6        17       68%
7        Sick    0%
8        Sick    0%
9        11       44%
10      20       80%

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Battle Of Death Part 4, Bye Bye Smiley And Hello Laser Boy

When the heroes reached the place where Smiley was with his army, Agent Marcus through a lava bomb that blew up the army except Smiley and the heroes all jumped down from their hiding place and started fighting Smiley.Smiley was too strong for them but they defeated Smiley from something they did not expect.

Laser boy come out of know where and zapped Smiley!

”But I thought you were dead!”said Marcus and Laser boy replied “well every death goes to heaven right?” and all the heroes except laser boy said “ooooh” and they let lazer boy stay.

Now with the villains

“So Smiley is gone now, Slender man, its time”said Ultra death to Slender man and he said ”as you wish, master”.

Thursday, 22 August 2013


WALT choose words that describe a moment for the reader

KEY WORDS: Wii, I pad and Clifton

I took down the last Storm trooper when suddenly “Marcus, off the Wii now!” We were off to Clifton for the 100th time while Dad stayed at home for 2 nights. It wasn’t that bad because we munched on lollies and played on the I pad some of the time. My favourite game was Real Steel (on the I pad) but I mostly played Mine craft on the computer and went on the playgrounds trampoline. When we got home it was 10:30 at night (past our bedtime uh oh) and Dad was already in bed fast asleep.Next time we go to Clifton I think I should not be on gadget mode should I?

Stick 3-D Shapes

These are the two shapes that me and my friend Dylan made using sticks, blue tack and shapes.

The Hyperloop Part 1

Key words: Hyperloop, supersonic, free

The Hyperloop
“For my birthday, I want to go to Auckland in the Hyperloop.” I say to my mom and dad and they said “well  why don’t you go on the computer and find things out about it as well as make some invitations,” and then I went on the computer and searched up Hyperloop as well as open paint.Then an article said that first group on the super sonic Hyperloop will get a prize each and its free! I tell mom and dad and they were amazed so I made a list of people that I’m inviting and started making the invitations.

on the list there's:
  • Crighton
  • Tyrone
  • Flynn
  • Samuel
  • Zeb
  • Teva
  • Josh
  • Dylan
  • Sam
my invitations look like this:

My Birthday
The first thing I do is open my presents from my mom and dad.WOW my mom gave me an IPad, SWEET dad gave me $20 dollars and my brother gave me $30 and then I go on my IPad and downloaded clash of clans, subway surfers, YouTube and Real Steel.Then my brother and my mom and dad got me a jet pack!

Thanks guys then... BANG BANG BANG!Theres someone at the door and its Dylan and Tyrone. 1 Minute later Liam and Ben came then Zeb and Teva and then Flynn and Samuel come.+ Sam, Crighton and Josh come.Good, everybody's here but then...

Mr Moriarty and Henry comes!:-O


Friday, 16 August 2013

Sword Poem

I am a sword.
I am able to kill.
I am happy when you sharpen me.
I am sad when I not get used.
I wish I could be diamond.

I would like to tell my owner:To enchant me so i’m not a normal iron sword.
sword poem by Marcus Krekeler on GoAnimate

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Henna Hands

For New Zealand I did the silver fern and the Maori stuff.For India I did family, friends, life, flowers of kindness, flowers of happiness, plant of love, prickles of injure and plant of feeding.For others I did the 3 rabbits of Paderborn(city in Germany), diamonds and squares of maths and the criss cross of art.

Friday, 9 August 2013

My Favourite Things In Life

This is my favourite things in life presentation.
Hope you like it. :-)

Dragon Life

Wala sentences
  • simple sentences
  • compound sentences
  • complex sentences
A living dragon is learning how to breath fire and it has lit a candle.”What are you gonna call him?” said Mr M and Jeffrey replied “maybe Sparkie”. Then he gave the dragon some dragon food but then...Sparkie started getting bigger and bigger and bigger until it was the size of an adult dragon!
"Now I know what to call him, Flame," said Jeffrey and with Mr M, they jumped on Flame's back and flew off like being on a plane with no shield around the body.The first thing they did was lit a bonfire, second thing was to cut a tree down with flames sharp tale and the third thing they did was  save 100 people from a plane crash.

The next day they got some builders that was in the plane crash to build a house for Flame for a kindness of saving their lives and it was built like a mansion. It had everything, a Samsung smart T.V., 8 king size beds (because Flame was so big), a huge bowl of all types of meat and  electric roof that can open and close. Plus the hot tub, the massage chair and the dragon BMX track outside.


Friday, 2 August 2013

5 Sentence Story Part 1

“Quick Ben, get the turret!” yelled Zeb.
“Stand back everyone,” said Ben.
Out came the zombies with rotten skin.
Suddenly the turret blew!
“Um, help,” said Ben.
To Be Continued...

The starters we had was quick, stand, out, suddenly and we had a choice of ow, embarrassed and um for the last sentence.

Earthquake History Time Toast

This is my time toast about earthquakes from the past.
Hope you like it. :-)
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