Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Statue Assassination

This is my version of a video of wildebeests crossing a river but my one was about two people
walking past a statue that was an assassin being very still.Hope you like. :-)

“Steve look, its an assassin,” said Bob. “Nah, it’s a statue,” said Steve. “No, its an assassin since look,” said Bob when he kicked it. Nothing happened. “Statue,” said Steve. “Look it’s an assassin, Steve,” said Bob, poking it but still nothing. “Statue.” “Assassin.” “Statue.” “Assa... “ “Twang!” “Assassin,” said Steve. “Statue,” said Jerry.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Fractions That Equals Half

Two fractions add to one half.
What might these two fractions be?




4/16+4/16=1/2 5/16+3/16=1/2



We were doing our Maths and then it happened...


Luckily it was a small one but we did feel it happen. Everyone was scared like me. All of us except the teacher ran under a table including me. Then Mr Severinsen told us to come. Then the alarm bell went off. We all went outside and we did the register and waited for the other classes to come. While I was waiting I did the cup song without the cup and then we went back inside to write this but I accidentally wrote Battle of Death FINALE, then I did this.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Battle Of Death Part 3, Upgrade

When the heroes reach the base, Dylan Captain America was waiting for them at the landing bay and then he said “Guys you gotta see this, Slender man and Smiley are out there killing people with their armies.”He pulled out his computer. 

Then Agent Marcus said “We shouldn't attack now because we need our upgrades now because everyone is too weak but one of us is in heaven, Laser boy” and they went inside. Inside there was the heroes dogs but they were busy training on the training course. They went to the upgrading room and Agent Marcus was first one in and he said his name and the upgrading begun. 

2 minutes later Agent Marcus was out fully upgraded with a hover board on his back, night vision glasses that turns on and off, ultra cannons, a double light saber, a triple lava gun,ultra force, a laser gun,bombs and diamond armor. After everyone was upgraded, they had to make a plan to kill Slender man, Smiley and Ultra Death. When they did, they ran back to the landing and flew off to kill them all and save the world.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

NZ Falcon Report

The NZ falcon(Karearea in te reo) are amazing sharp beaked feathered and fast birds of prey. I am here to tell about the NZ falcon and how you can help them be saved from extinction.

Their beak is like a sharp sword, skilled like a dodge ball pro, fast as a cheetah, endangered like the Kiwi, ultra rare like emeralds, smarter than a scientist, amazing as finding gold and there as brave as riflemen.The NZ falcon is an amazing bird of prey.Their feathers are black and golden on their back, white and black feathers on the tummy and their tail has rough black darker feathers.The male is around 43 cm long and weighs 300 grams and females are 47 cm long and weighs 500 grams.

The NZ falcon lives in our cities and they live in the wild, forests and bushes.
They eat small birds, insects, rodents, mammals, snakes, lizards, fish, turtles, frogs, eggs and birds bigger than itself.
Life cycle
The female lays between 1-4 eggs females are bigger than males.The eggs 33 days to hatch they don't make nests, just a scrape of a sheltered cliff ledge
Types in NZ
Southern falcon, Eastern falcon, Bush falcon
Did you know
The NZ falcon appears on our $20 bill and the sound they make is ‘Kek, kek, kek’
They can reach over 100 km per hour in a dive
They are shot by farmers and eaten by eagles, cats and pests.Habitats lost
So if you live on a farm and you see a falcon, don’t shoot it, think how rare they are and think how it would be to have no more falcons left and think what the second best bird of prey would be.Luckily, people save the NZ falcon by keeping them away from their threats and feeding them since they care about them and they are keeping them away from extinction.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Battle Of Death Part 2, Escape

“Oh shoot”said super Mr m when Ultra Death looked him in the eye and said”You are going down boy!”But he was talking to no one and then he said “so this is what you want heroes, Smiley, Slender man its time”and then Smiley and slender man came out of the darkness.

Now with the heroes.
“Criwolf, Super Sam where did you come from and Thunder skull and Agent Marcus, were you dead?” Said super Mr M and Agent Marcus replied “I told Them to not attack and I ejected to my mini jet and thunder skull dodged my jet and flew into the clouds.But now We have to get to land.So we’re going to my volcano base since that's the only safe place we know.From smiley and slender man” “wait, what do you mean ‘we’ “ said Mr M and then Master-Teva-Yunda and Master Zeb came on there X-wing star fighters and they all went to Agent Marcus’s base.

Want more ?Don’t worry, part 3,4, 5 and the finale is more to come so don’t go away. :-)

Battle Of Death Part 1, First Death

Previously on battles with the team delta there was an attack on camp Hero-Brine by Thunder Man but DJ man has defeated him with a paint ball and everything they had was upgraded to 100% better.

“Man these powers and weapons are so cool”said Speed Ben since the heroes were testing out there new stuff until Agent Marcus and Thunder Skull came in and said “talk about weapons, our vehicles are so better than last time and the armor are invincible” and then they went out for pizza.When They got back the siren was going off and Speed Ben raced over and checked what it was buuuut...

“No...it can’t be its...”said agent Marcus when he came to the holographic screen and all the heroes said...

Ultra Death was attacking America and he looked more taller and dangerous ever!
“Men, this is our biggest battle yet, so we have to be strong and use all our powers to defeat him and call all our allies to save the world since he will attack the whole world. So lets lets go!”said Agent Marcus but Laser Boy said “wait, can we add in some background...”NO. We can’t lose DJ Man”said Agent Marcus and they went to save the earth.It was a long way but they got there but Laser boy was shot and a puddle of blood was the last bit of him.Thunder Skull and Agent Marcus was about to do a sky attack but Ultra Death cut a wing off from Agent Marcus’s Jet that crashed into Thunder Skull. Everyone was knocked out except Super Mr M who came from behind a tree so he can survive.

To be continued...

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