Friday, 28 June 2013

Reflection For Camp

Reflection for Camp

My goal for camp was having fun.

I achieved winning master chef because my team used teamwork.

Something I was pleased with was having fun at camp because that was my goal.
I really enjoyed learning the animal game because now it’s a game that I’ll never forget.
Something I found hard was not getting bored.
Something that made me think was how the Onepoto caves led to different places because they seemed to be built.
· My top 5 favorite things about camp were:

Favorite Things
Reason Why
1. Master chef.
We won it.
It was a beautiful sight .
3.Confidence course
took a lot of skills.
4. Dodge ball
has a lot of fun.
5.Animal Game
Takes speed and pressure

This is my favorite photo from camp.


  1. I like it how you put in your favorite choices. It sounds like you wanted to live at Camp. Well done.

    1. Yeah I did want live at camp. :-)

  2. Cool Marcus.I like how you having heaps of fun at Camp!!!

  3. Good thinking in your reflection, Marcus.

    I like how you read on camp too. Camp really is about having fun!


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