Friday, 14 June 2013

Onepoto Caves

Day 3
Finally we are at the caves entry and I am waiting in line to go through the first cave.I’m feeling the sand stone and it's all I’m at the front and I have to duck walk to get through.”That was short”I say when I get out and start walking when the rest come.After a lot of caves the last one was coming and Miss Hill tells us to rub our hands together really HARD to get off the mud from our hands to eat our chocolate bars but I’m taking FOREVER!
When I do get there we are running out of cookies but I've got three already until I try and put my rubbish in the rubbish bag but I’m accidentally pushing Sam and now Ollie Is now annoying me by shouting at me so I go to the place we’re a good view of Lake Waikaremoana is that is out of bounds so I’m getting to come with Mrs Hill but I stay until I do come with her and then Bree and Tracey want to stay with me and Mrs Hill. When we get to a cave there is a mud fight but it stops and now I’m leading my group to the end of the cave and for the I’m leading my group through the other caves except the one when you go down the rope because I want to go back to Camp Kaitawa. So then I go back.

(here's some photos of me)  


  1. Awesome story. It so interesting.
    Well done on the punctuation

  2. I like how you described what it was like when you first walked into the cave.


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