Monday, 24 June 2013

Burma Trail/Confidence Course

“3,2,1,GO” it was my second round of the confidence course “jump jump jump jump jump” I am on the jumping course then the climbing, then the wall...”heave”and I am over the wall.(another photo.)

now the log, now the log mountain, now the swinging log, now the rope ladder.I do a flip and go to the wire bridge.”ahh”I slip but still hang on to the wires.

Hours to night time later

Now the burma trail but I don’t want to go but I have to go.I’m 3rd to last and behind me is tracey and just for fun I say “theres slender man.oh, he teleported away”(Slender man is a guy with a white face with nothing on it and he’s in a tagxedo and he’s 10 feet tall. Here's an image of him)

“Yeah nice try Marcus” said Tracey.
After most the whole class its my turn and then I go in and after a while a feel something touch me and i look down and see to silver stripes then I move on.I’ at the end and after Mr Moriarty goes through, we go back to Camp Kaitawa.

1 comment:

  1. Wow Marcus!
    What an awesome story.
    The Slender man picture looked like it was in your somebody hair!
    You really started in the action at the start,
    keep up the good work!


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