Tuesday, 18 June 2013

As Kuku Slept Drawing

This is my drawing of a page from 'As Kuku Slept'.
First we had to draw a draft in our art books then draw it with white pastel on black paper.Then color it in.
Hope you like it. :-)

  • Native bird.
  • Eat seeds whole and then spread them through droppings,helping our native forests grow.
  • Endangered.
  • Protected by people.
  • Use to plenty before, now there's not much.
  • In legends.
  • Live in lowland native forests throughout the North & south island, Stewart island and many offshore islands.
  • eat fruit, leaves,twigs, buds, and shoots of many plants.

  • pests
  • Has diseases
  • They eat eggs,baby birds, adult birds and plants birds eat.
  •  From Australia, 70,000,000 in New Zealand


  1. That is amazing fact about a native bird & a Possum good work doing facts. You do a great work. You are doing good bloggers keep it up.

  2. That is great facts about the native birds and possums. And your drawing looks really cool. And I like what you did with the background. Well done.

  3. That is excellent work Marcus. I like how you made the bird a different color with green.Keep the good work up Marcus.

  4. Wow what amazing facts.
    You must be an awesome drawer because it looks the same.

  5. Wow your art is amazing and I never new how much you know about them
    Keep it up!

  6. Wonderful drawing of the kereru, Marcus. Well summarised facts too.


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