Friday, 28 June 2013

Reflection For Camp

Reflection for Camp

My goal for camp was having fun.

I achieved winning master chef because my team used teamwork.

Something I was pleased with was having fun at camp because that was my goal.
I really enjoyed learning the animal game because now it’s a game that I’ll never forget.
Something I found hard was not getting bored.
Something that made me think was how the Onepoto caves led to different places because they seemed to be built.
· My top 5 favorite things about camp were:

Favorite Things
Reason Why
1. Master chef.
We won it.
It was a beautiful sight .
3.Confidence course
took a lot of skills.
4. Dodge ball
has a lot of fun.
5.Animal Game
Takes speed and pressure

This is my favorite photo from camp.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Rock Climbing/Hopping at Camp

WALT choose words that describe a moment (in an exciting way) for the reader
  • begins in the action
  • present tense (I am, not I was)
  • short, sharp sentences
  • strong verbs
  • language features (simile, alliteration, onomatopoeia, metaphor)
  • show personality (sounds like you, humour, feelings, exaggeration

“Finally we’re at camp”I said when I got out of the van(in the van I was with Olivia, Hannah, Ollie, Zeb, Elijah and Zach.). After I got my stuff in my dorm, we went to a pond that was surrounded with rocks but we had to go too Michael Noonan’s grave, his horse’s grave and a baby's grave that was nine months old! (I felt like fainting but I dare not to.) When we finally got to the pond (the lake was called ‘Lake Kiriopukae’ but no one told me) I look to my left and see a round metal thing and slowly scouted to it.

It was big...

It was metal...
then I suddenly knew what it was...a boat. So I went back and joined room 16 rock hopping.After a while the rocks were more further from each other so then I started saying “Juump Juump Juuump JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMP!” After that we started rock climbing.When I got to the first climbing rock, Mr M called out we’re moving on but I still went up (it means that I was last.) After a few rocks there was a house cave that was blocked by sticks that look like spears but that didn't stop me since the sides were left open so I went in to see  nothing and then I went onto the roof to get a photo.<----Heres the photo
(½ of one side was rock hopping and the other ½ is rock climbing.)
I was about to finish the whole lake until I got distracted with a game of who gets to the top first and i did it in two steps but Ollie annoyingly said “WELL I DID IT IN ONE STEP!”(why does he boast about everything?) So I just walked away just in time for some cookies and a ¼ of an apple and then we went back. On the way back Mr M started running so I ran after him like the others. After a while we found a house and we went inside to sit down and get a photo again.
Then we carry on to the place where we have a view of lake waikaremoana.
(we get another photo)

We go back to Camp Kaitawa and we’re back in our cabins. HOORAY!

Can’t wait for tomorrow. :-)

Monday, 24 June 2013

Burma Trail/Confidence Course

“3,2,1,GO” it was my second round of the confidence course “jump jump jump jump jump” I am on the jumping course then the climbing, then the wall...”heave”and I am over the wall.(another photo.)

now the log, now the log mountain, now the swinging log, now the rope ladder.I do a flip and go to the wire bridge.”ahh”I slip but still hang on to the wires.

Hours to night time later

Now the burma trail but I don’t want to go but I have to go.I’m 3rd to last and behind me is tracey and just for fun I say “theres slender man.oh, he teleported away”(Slender man is a guy with a white face with nothing on it and he’s in a tagxedo and he’s 10 feet tall. Here's an image of him)

“Yeah nice try Marcus” said Tracey.
After most the whole class its my turn and then I go in and after a while a feel something touch me and i look down and see to silver stripes then I move on.I’ at the end and after Mr Moriarty goes through, we go back to Camp Kaitawa.

Master Chef At Camp

Day 2

It's day two for camp and room 16 are in their p.j’s and sleeping bags and I'm reading my book ‘THE BRILLIANT WORLD OF TOM GATES’ and then I get a photo. :-I
We have to put our sleeping bags away because we’re having breakfast but it s only ½ off breakfast because the other ½ is...

so after my corn flakes I wait until Mr M says we can go empty our bowl and put our stuff away.I run down the hall, get dressed, get my team together(Titans) and wait until we can start.

When we go to start we wait until an adult picks us and we get Narelle (Tyrone and Dylans mum) and then we start.The first thing we do is make the pancake mix and mix it up and when we do mix it, I get another photo(I think I'm special).
so now we grate the chocolate with the cheese grater and go outside to cook the pikelets and pancakes.
I was the person to cook the first pikelet and I get another you-know-what(another photo)
I’m cooking the last pikelet until I try flipping it and then I just destroyed the whole thing!After we've ate the broken pancake we go inside to present our Brunch then wait until the judges come and eat it. After all the others are done, Mr M lets me eat the rest but when my team turn around they yell “NO MARCUS!”but I've eaten the rest.Good news is we came 2nd

Animal game
before we start lunch we have a game of the animal game. I’m about to get bored but watching people doesn’t get me bored until someone says Falcon and I’m under pressure until I say”FALCON TROUT!”but too late I’m hit.I’m waiting For Nikita to call and I start hitting.

We wash our hands and we start our lunch.”I’ll cook the bread”said Narelle”and I’ll start the spaghetti”yelled Hemani and Emma was making the mash potato and I say”start the Jelly!” because Jelly takes a long time to freeze and we were under pressure.5 Minutes later. We started making our sandwiches and I put the cheese in,Inderpreet does the spaghetti and Emma does the mash potatoes.Done.We wait for the judges to eat ours when Josh brings it to them and they have two sandwiches each.
I can’t believe we came first!The judges liked our lunch.

Now dinner the 2nd to last meal of the day so we start working on it we’ve created the meat balls and we go outside to cook them and the noodles and sauce.(I don’t want you to see a horrible photo of my team because I ruined it).We finished the cooking in the shelter we start to present our dish but we don’t know how.We have a vote and we choose inerpreets presentation and then we eat our dinner and we start our dessert after the judges eaten their dinner.

We take out the jelly and start making the pudding because we found some pudding in our box.finished whisking the pudding, now to present it.Jelly at the bottom, pudding in the middle and a slice of a peach on the top.


  • BRUNCH:15
  • LUNCH:17
  • DINNER:18


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

As Kuku Slept Drawing

This is my drawing of a page from 'As Kuku Slept'.
First we had to draw a draft in our art books then draw it with white pastel on black paper.Then color it in.
Hope you like it. :-)

  • Native bird.
  • Eat seeds whole and then spread them through droppings,helping our native forests grow.
  • Endangered.
  • Protected by people.
  • Use to plenty before, now there's not much.
  • In legends.
  • Live in lowland native forests throughout the North & south island, Stewart island and many offshore islands.
  • eat fruit, leaves,twigs, buds, and shoots of many plants.

  • pests
  • Has diseases
  • They eat eggs,baby birds, adult birds and plants birds eat.
  •  From Australia, 70,000,000 in New Zealand

Friday, 14 June 2013

Onepoto Caves

Day 3
Finally we are at the caves entry and I am waiting in line to go through the first cave.I’m feeling the sand stone and it's all I’m at the front and I have to duck walk to get through.”That was short”I say when I get out and start walking when the rest come.After a lot of caves the last one was coming and Miss Hill tells us to rub our hands together really HARD to get off the mud from our hands to eat our chocolate bars but I’m taking FOREVER!
When I do get there we are running out of cookies but I've got three already until I try and put my rubbish in the rubbish bag but I’m accidentally pushing Sam and now Ollie Is now annoying me by shouting at me so I go to the place we’re a good view of Lake Waikaremoana is that is out of bounds so I’m getting to come with Mrs Hill but I stay until I do come with her and then Bree and Tracey want to stay with me and Mrs Hill. When we get to a cave there is a mud fight but it stops and now I’m leading my group to the end of the cave and for the I’m leading my group through the other caves except the one when you go down the rope because I want to go back to Camp Kaitawa. So then I go back.

(here's some photos of me)  
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