Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Name Monster

This is my monster art that I created with Mrs O'Kane and here's the instructions to make them.

First fold the peace of paper in half, then wright your name on one side in bold letters but write in pencil, then cover the writing in black crayon, then iron it,then make the other side more see able, add a few touches,color it in and then dye it.

This is a message he gave me.

Hello my name is Bob and I'm the leader of planet Yufe but do not worry, we are freindly aliens and your free to come to are planet to live in.
Audio and voice recording >>


  1. Great work Marcus. I love the teeth and the hands.
    Keep up the great work.

  2. That is great Marcus good work with the instructions good.
    Keep that fantastic mind of yours Marcus.

  3. Like the name creature Marcus,
    earth is lucky that you aliens are friendly.
    Anyway, what's your Aliens name? Keep up the god work Marcus!!

  4. Cool job Marcus. I like your name monster and your writing!


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