Friday, 19 April 2013

Dream World

dream world

I was at dream world and I was waiting in the middle of the line to go on the giant drop.When it was my turn I gripped my heart hoping to survive.” AAH”down I went,it felt like being thrown off a cliff with my hair spiking up like a porcupine. Next was the log ride that didn't take long. When I got a log it was very uncomfortable. When it was the fun part I was as fast as a speeding train “ wee” then I was as wet as a was the super ride and it felt like hours to get to the front,when I got on I wondered how it would feel like and when I came with an answer,to late,I was going up like a sprinting gravity cheetah.”aah”I was about to faint until dad said we can have an ice cream.I had a chocolate and hokey pokey ice cream and me and Stefan could share a marshmallow stick.On the back to the hotel me and Stefan had a nap and I dreamed of living in dream world.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Camp Hero-Brine

Camp Creeper to Mr M
start at camp creeper. H/8
  1. Turn west to the airport. G/8
  2. Go 3 km west to Mount Zombie. D/8,E/8,F/8
  3. Turn north/west to camp endear man. C/7
  4. Go around Mount Emerald and go 2 km north.C/5,C/4,C/3
Mr M

Mr M to Hospital
start at Mr M.C/3

  1. Go 1 km south to mount emerald then turn south east.C/4,D/5
  2. Then turn east and go 1 km to Hospital.D/4,E/5

hospital. E/5

Rules for Camp Hero-Brine

  1. No good night kisses.
  2. Drinks and food are allowed in beds.
  3. No bed wetting or its your responsibility for cleaning it up.
  1. No going out of camp you're in.
  2. Don’t go in forests without adults with you.
  3. You're allowed to go up the mountains only with the full gear.
  1. No swearing.
  2. Always go into town hall in battle(we have defences).
  3. Heros only for hero base.
  4. Do not disturb the ender dragon in Ender Dragon Forest.
  5. Always follow rules in activities.
  6. Game systems are allowed. We do have internet:)
  7. Always swim between the flags while swimming.
  8. Paintball guns stay in paintball area.
  9. Safe sea for swimming and scuba diving.
  10. Fish have to be checked at town hall.
  11. Fishing board are allowed for jumping off.
  12. Trophies and medals must be put up in town hall.
  13. Diamonds, gold and emeralds are not allowed to be touched(take a sword with you if you go up Mount Zombie).
  14. Iron are allowed to make stuff from Iron Forest.
  1. No making fun of camp’s name.
  2. Have fun!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Reflection For Walkathon

Reflection for Walkathon
· Something I was pleased with was
that it took 1h and 15m because I thought it took 5h.
· I really enjoyed learning that I should never give up taking a long walk because then I’ll never get to the end.
· Something I found hard was not giving up though.
· Something that made me think was that I’ll die of hunger because it took 1h and 15m.
· Something I want to get better at is not getting hungry
          (What can I do about it?) A:getting a bigger breakfast or thinking before I go somewhere.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Cube Maths

This is my cube maths and as you can see I did my working on Paint on the photo.
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